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The TOEFL test is one of the most important tests necessary for admission to a large number of companies and universities, and it is also important for all those who wish to obtain an American scholarship, as it is a proof of language skill recognized in the United States of America, which helps you to get a suitable job because it is considered One of the conditions set in a large number of companies, and because the Emirate of Abu Dhabi is one of the global destinations for establishing international projects or having a headquarters, so you urgently need to pass the TOEFL test, which is valid for two years, allowing you to achieve greater benefit.

Enrolling in the TOEFL course is one of the things that you apply for to ensure that you pass the real TOEFL test, for which a fee is paid for enrollment, so you must be prepared.

How do I pass the TOEFL test?

There is more than one way to pass the TOEFL test. The method of solving previous exams is no longer the best solution, but you need to make more effort in order to pass an important test such as the TOEFL test, which is by:
Strengthening language skills
They are the four language skills and they are also the skills that you will find in the test, and they are (speaking, listening, writing, and reading), which are the four sections on which the test scores are divided.

Develop test skills
Test skills are divided into several skills that combine together to help you pass the test successfully and English First Institute helps you develop these skills, which are:

Pass the TOEFL test through the English First Institute

English First is one of the most institutes in Abu Dhabi. We will provide you with everything you need to pass the TOEFL test and obtain the approved TOEFL certificate, by providing all of the following:
Practicing speaking and listening skill is one of the most important conditions for passing the TOEFL test, and this is what helps you with a selection of the best trainers in this field, who are trained of American origins to help you listen and speak correctly.

Study skills
English First provides you with a study of all the grammar, as well as the correct writing rules, while providing you with important vocabulary that you may not be familiar with.

It will also train you to write by writing different topics, as well as respond to situations through writing, in addition to developing writing skill.

Training tools
The use of modern technology in training is one of the most important things that accredited institutes provide, as they provide rooms equipped at the highest level, so that it is possible to listen and speak with ease and make a real simulation of the test sections, and the availability of scientific material is also one of the most important training tools.

TOEFL test forms

The TOEFL course through the English First Institute provides everything you need from real TOEFL test samples, and helps you to practice them, so that the test skills are applied with your study. This simulation, training and presentation of models continues until all of his students are able to pass the TOEFL test, ensuring that they pass it in real life.

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