General English Course

After the demand for English in the labor market increased in various fields, everyone had to go immediately to search for the best place that offers a general English course to develop English language skills in the easiest and most effective way, which can be achieved with English First, one of the most important English language centers in Abu Dhabi.

English First to teach English language skills

Excellence and individuality are the password behind the success of English First since the beginning of its establishment, as the center seeks to reach its customers to a basic rule, which is that learning the English language is not difficult since ancient times, so the center, through the professional team responsible for it, tried to think outside the box to find Easy and accessible ways that help the client to learn English more easily and effectively.

English First principles to maintain the lead in Abu Dhabi

One of the most important principles that English First follows to maintain its leadership and gain the trust of more customers is innovation, always innovating in everything related to language education, all our goal is to simplify and facilitate the learner to eliminate any difficulty he may face, whether in reading, writing or speaking English fluently, in English First always strives for development, even if we are at its highest levels. English First does not compete with any other centers in Abu Dhabi, but it competes with itself and is racing against time to be an influential symbol in its field.

The most prominent educational methods used in English First to provide a General English course

English First depends mainly on several methods for teaching the English language, the most important of which is the “practice” method that we mainly adopt, because the language is practice and frequent repetition and training the tongue to pronounce words in English without pressure on it makes you pronounce words and sentences smoothly without feeling suffering. We also rely on English language discussions and films in order to enhance the student’s correct pronunciation of words through listening. All this is in addition to the presence of an integrated, professional and skilled team that makes you learn and professional English

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