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Embark on a transformative journey with English First’s comprehensive range of courses

English Courses

It is one of the important steps that you must achieve in order to advance in your work, as it helps you add the language skills that you need in the different field of business.

English First helps you develop your English skills by speaking, listening, writing and reading. The Institute possesses the skills and experience to train and develop people.

Academic Courses

One of the most important tests needed to enroll in a large number of companies and universities, and it is also important for all those who wish to obtain an American scholarship

It is considered the most requested test in many official bodies to prove the extent of proficiency in English language skills


It is the important test in order to complete university studies or to prepare for taking a master’s or doctoral degree.

Computer Courses

Which is issued by an accredited certificate recognizing that its holder is able to use the computer with every skill in its most important basics

We prepare you from zero to professionalism in Excel and all Office programs such as PowerPoint, word, access

Children Courses

helps children learn English in terms of conversation and usage, which gives a clear and quick impact on them, and it also improves their ability to communicate.

It is known as “UCMAS”, which is a special educational program for children, which aims to increase the mental abilities of children

Embark on a transformative journey with English First’s comprehensive range of courses designed to elevate your English language skills. From beginners to advanced learners, our dynamic curriculum caters to every proficiency level. Immerse yourself in interactive lessons crafted by experienced educators, tailored to enhance your listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities.

Our courses blend innovative teaching methodologies with cutting-edge language learning technology, ensuring a stimulating and effective learning experience. Whether you aim to excel in academic pursuits, broaden your career opportunities, or simply enhance your communication skills, English First in Abo Dhabi has the perfect course for you.

Join a vibrant community of language enthusiasts from around the globe and unleash your full linguistic potential. With flexible scheduling options and personalized attention from our dedicated instructors, achieving fluency in English has never been more accessible.

Enroll today and take the first step towards mastering the world’s most widely spoken language. Elevate your confidence, expand your horizons, and unlock endless possibilities with English First. Start your journey now!

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