ICDL Course

The International Computer Driving License lCDL test, which issues an accredited certificate that recognizes that its holder is able to use the computer with every skill in its most important basics, and it is not linked to a specific age or educational category, but it is available to everyone who wants to add real knowledge to their CV The ICDL is the abbreviation of the International Certificate Driving License.

Your interest in applying for the lCDL course is the surest guarantee that you will pass the lCDL exam, through which you will obtain the globally recognized International Computer Driving License.

What are the axes of the ICDL course?

The main themes of the ICDL exam:

Conditions for obtaining the ICDL certificate

The ICDL certificate is offered to everyone. It does not require an educational level, or it does not look at age, cultural background or experience. Rather, it is open and available to everyone who wants to obtain an ICDL certificate. This is because of the strength of this certificate, which allows many different fields of work, as it is an internationally recognized certificate in proving that this person possesses the necessary basic computer skills, which gives him many opportunities for employment.

Who can obtain an ICDL certificate?

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Benefits of taking an ICDL course from English First

English First provides you with the opportunity to study the 7 skills you need to pass the ICDL exam, as it allows you to:

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