Mental Arithmetic course for children

The mental arithmetic course for children, which is known as “UCMAS”, which is a special educational program for children, which aims to increase the mental abilities of children, and helps them to excel in arithmetic operations very quickly without resorting to the calculator, where the arithmetic operations are done in the minds of children And imagine the Chinese Abacus, which is learned in the early stages of the course.

Interest in learning the mental arithmetic course for children is one of the most important things that you can offer to your child in order to develop his mental and mental abilities. his skills

Benefits of learning a mental arithmetic course for children

The origins of the YossiMas system go back to China first, and it was developed in Malaysia and now it is used in various countries of the world. Here are the benefits of learning it for children:

  • Gradually and in a balanced manner, it helps to activate the cells of the centers of the left and right sides of the brain together, and this is reflected in the trained child’s ability to solve arithmetic operations faster and more accurately than an ordinary child.
  • Helps increase the child’s focus and discipline, and this is what the English First Institute offers.
  • It enables the child to perform arithmetic operations in a way comparable to a calculator.
  • Helps raise my skills of mental focus and imagination.
  • It enables the child to overcome the state of slowness and neglect, and turn it into a state of passion for lessons because it increases the sense of the fun of learning.
  • It enhances the child’s confidence and makes him more accurate and calm.
  • Helps the child acquire abilities that enable him to achieve greater efficiency in academic achievement, as it increases the strengthening of the child’s photographic memory.
  • It enhances my responsiveness and intuition skills.
  • Increases the child’s ability and skill in terms of logical, analytical and deductive thinking.
  • Strengthening the child’s digital memory and helping to imagine it anywhere, making it easier to do arithmetic operations.

Advantages of taking a mental arithmetic course for children from the English First Institute

English First Institute provides an opportunity for Abu Dhabi children to learn mental arithmetic, known as YossiMas, where children are accepted from the age of 4, during which time the child can do simple arithmetic operations, and the gradation begins until it reaches higher levels gradually, and when dealing with the English First Institute You will get several advantages, which are as follows:

  • The presence of a specialized and trained team to deal with these young age stages.
  • The Abacus provides hands-on practice for children.
  • The English First Institute provides an administrative and educational body, who have scientific and practical qualifications, and they have long experience in dealing with all types of children and following the method that suits each child individually.
  • The presence of equipped computer rooms.
  • Using the language preferred by the parents in teaching their children the method of counting and performing arithmetic operations.
  • Graduate children receive a certificate from the English First Institute.
  • The institute provides coaches with everything they need for children to learn mental arithmetic while participating in competitions that are held.

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